Monday, January 7, 2008

Buy American, Buy....Toyota?

In 2007, Toyota passed Ford to become the second larget US automaker, trailing only GM. This fact poses the question "besides reliable, fuel efficient cars, what has the Japanese-based company given America?" Well take a look at these stats:

As of December 2006 Toyota has:
  • innvested $15.5 billion in the United States.
  • employed 34,675 in the United States.
  • produced more than 1.2 million vehicles using U.S. parts from more than 30 states.
  • spent more than $28 billion on those U.S. parts.
  • sold more than 2.5 million vehicles in the United States.
  • reported 1,481 dealerships in the United States.
  • maintained 10 plants in the United States with a $2.9 billion per year payroll.
  • created 386,000 new jobs in the United States in 2007.
  • donated $370 million USD to American charities and philanthropic organizations.
To read more on this story visit the blog, Living on Anon.

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Anthony Marenna said...

Thanks for the link, Arthur. I still can't believe Toyota might become America's number 1 automaker.